Residential evictions

It can be enormously stressful to have people unlawfully occupy your residential property.

At JM Attorneys, we can provide immediate legal assistance to property owners seeking to evict unlawful tenants or squatters from their residential property.

In South Africa, the law governing residential evictions is complex. In June 1998, the Prevention of Illegal Eviction from and Unlawful Occupation of Land Act (PIE) came into effect. It prevents evictions from happening without a court-issued eviction order and sets out a specific procedure for obtaining this order.

For a residential eviction to succeed, the right steps must be taken at the right times, and the response must be prompt.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in handling successful evictions on behalf of private property owners, investors with large portfolios and property agents.

How our service stands out

To assist with residential evictions, we offer:

  • immediate, efficient action
  • fixed fees for unopposed evictions
  • hands-on work by a senior attorney (no delegation to juniors)
  • attention to detail, resulting in a smoother process.

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