Where many businesses do not have the benefit of an in-house legal department, we offer an available and accessible resource, whether it  be legal counsel, the preparation of all commercial documents and expert litigation. We regard ourselves as your on-demand office legal department.

Legal drafting

We have extensive experience in preparing a broad range of legal documents supporting complex commercial transaction. Our starting point is always our client’s needs and a firm understanding of our client’s business.

Legal drafting is based on our client’s unique circumstances and not a set of standard precedents.

Reliable legal counsel

It is imperative that decision makers have ready access to reliable legal counsel, which in turn will only happen if there is a relationship of trust between client and attorney.  We therefore place great emphasis on acquainting ourselves with our client’s business and the industry in which that business operates. We encourage our clients to regard us as a trusted resource which if used wisely can be of great benefit to your business.

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